[Podcast] Spatial Storytelling, Cultural Architecture, and Identity as Creatives

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After taking the stage at the STORY Gathering this last September in Nashville, I had the opportunity to sit for an interview with illusionist and STORY Curator, Harris III for the STORY podcast.

During this conversation, we talked out work at Visioneering Studios, spatial storytelling, and crafting culture through architecture. I shared the story of my personal journey where I found myself face to face with the โ€œhell in the hallwayโ€, the space between vision and fulfillment.

Being that both Harris and I are fellow coffee lovers, we also talked about the rise of coffee culture.

If you are a creative looking for great content and community, check out the podcast and sign up to attend the 2017 STORY Gathering.

To listen in on the conversation, click on the player below.  Enjoy the conversation!

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