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Through storytelling and research, I catalyze high-achieving innovators to become the next best version of themselves. 



Create a healthy team and company culture where personal and professional values align.



Develop new capabilities that enable clear communication, innovative collaboration, and adaptive culture.

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What You Can Expect

You have a vision. I have the strategies to help you get there in one piece. As a former frustrated visionary, I’ll inspire your audience to unlock their potential and pursue smart change. Here’s how it works: 

Tailored Message [01]

I’m passionate about partnering with companies and conferences to deliver messages that target your pain points. While I address obstacles common to every creative company, your unique needs set the agenda. 

Practical Tools [02]

Inspiration is only helpful if it’s paired with actionable steps. You’ll walk away from my talks with a new toolkit to grow in self-awareness, communicate more persuasively, and work effectively with your teammates. 

Unified Vision [03]

Your team is chasing a vision, but what if it could be broader and more robust? I’ll show you how to tap into the collective genius of your team so you can collectively expand your vision and achieve your goals. 

Learn How to Unleash Your Team’s Potential

Through my keynote presentations, I offer actionable steps your team can start taking right away to become more effective and feel fulfilled at work. Explore my talks.

The Dilemma of the Frustrated Visionary:

How Vision-Driven Leaders Fuel a Movement without Causing Burnout

Frustrated leaders chase their vision at all costs—even if it means burning the people trying to keep up. But effective leaders tap into the collective genius of their team and collaborate with others to achieve their vision. Learn how to implement healthy change to become a leader people actually want to follow.

Your audience will leave with:
  • An awareness that the passion and vision of a leader can both fuel and burn out your team
  • Practical ways to communicate with persuasion and impact
  • A plan to replace outdated models of command-and-control with a new culture of collaboration and co-creation

The New Hybrid Workplace in a Post-COVID World:

Bringing Into Alignment Your Brand, Culture, and Space

After more than a year of working virtually and navigating a pandemic, it’s time for a reset. Instead of expecting your team to immediately jump back into a pre-COVID work style, take advantage of this season to reevaluate your brand—and make sure it’s in alignment with your company culture and your physical space. By unifying all three elements of your company, you can tell a cohesive, compelling brand story and build a culture that supports your team and your vision.

Your audience will leave with:
  • An awareness for the importance of brand, culture, and space alignment
  • Tools to craft an brand that tells a compelling story
  • A plan to align culture and employee experience with your brand 
  • Strategies to develop a renewed value proposition for your workplace

Designing the Hell Out of the Hallway:

How Design Thinking Can Help You Navigate the In-Between Seasons of Life

No one likes feeling stuck. But the in-between seasons of life are often the most transformative and provide a crucial opportunity to grow—so you’re ready for future success. Learn how to strategically use standstill seasons to learn more about yourself and lay the groundwork for smart change.

Your audience will leave with:
  • Greater awareness of when you are experiencing the in-between seasons battling to find significance and relevance in life
  • Tools to reflect on how past in-between seasons have been catalysts for change
  • Transformed perspective from frustration to preparation
  • A desire to embrace the season rather than trying to move past it

Is your team built on a healthy foundation?

If you don’t see a specific talk that applies to your team, I also craft messages unique to your specific needs based on the three pillars of smart change: communication, culture, and collaboration. 



I regularly faced resistance until I learned my ideas weren’t the problem—my communication was. That’s why I help visionary leaders learn to communicate persuasively so they can convince others to join their mission and take their idea from vision to reality. 


Toxic patterns often go hand-in-hand with creative environments; however, a healthy culture is the key to sustainability and success. If that sounds impossible, I’ll give you actionable steps and resources to identify your team’s blindspots and transform your weaknesses into strengths. 


Sole genius can launch a company but it can’t sustain a company.  When you trust your team and the talent they bring to the table, together you can generate even greater ideas and innovation. 

Trusted by Design Industry Leaders and Conferences across the Country

"We were excited to have Steven speak at STORY to a room full of almost 1,000 artists, dreamers, and storytellers. We knew he'd be great, but he far exceeded the expectations of our team and our attendees. Everyone was blown away. People were clearly moved by his talk, which is rare with a room of sometimes cynical but highly creative people. He has been repeatedly named as one of our most-loved speakers, and I can't recommend him any higher."

Harris III

Harris III

Director + Curator, STORY Gathering and SoloCon


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