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Here’s What I Have Learned About Transformation

I have come to realize that transformation is hard, but necessary.

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Welcome to the Transformation Economy

This article originally appeared on LinkedIn. There is a lot of talk these days about ‘experience’ and its role in design and business. Whether it is applied to user experience, customer experience, or even employee experience, there is a growing desire by brands to create remarkable customer…

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[Podcast] The Potluck Society – Space to Dream

A couple of months back, I had the opportunity to chat with my good friend, Hugh Weber for his podcast, The Potluck Society. We chatted amount about many things; creating space to dream, a woman in gold, a Chinese-speaking, banjo-picking girl, and our work at Visioneering…

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How to Speak the Language of Your Future

It happens to the best of them. Innovators mesmerize the world with their disruptive thinking. They change their industries. But, before they know it, these game-changing services, products, and experiences slowly become the status quo. What once spread like viruses have become so widely accepted…

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[Podcast] Patience, Dream Jobs, and the Source of Significance

I recently had the chance to sit down for an interview with Mingo Palacios for his Touring For Purpose podcast.  Mingo is a dynamic NextGen leader who serves as a pastor at Saddleback Church. He has also been tapped by the Purpose Driven Church movement to lead…

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