The Visionary’s Framework for Becoming Your Next Best Self Executive Coaching for Visionary Leaders

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Are You Ready to Really, Truly Change Yourself?


The blessing and curse of being a visionary leader is that you can be both energizing and sometimes {ahem, often} divisive. And the leadership style that once worked for you... it’s now met with a hefty-dose of resistance and cynicism.

If your personal and professional blindspots are killing your dreams before they even get off the ground, it’s time you learned how to manage your leadership style. I’ve developed a 6-part framework that can truly change your life — one step at a time. You deserve to have clarity on how to become your next best self; and your team and business depend on it!

Expand the realm of possibility using a proven framework.

Through my own professional journey and battle scars, I’ve learned that as visionaries and leaders, transformation and growth begins with us.

Using my proven, guided framework over a 6 or 12-month coaching engagement, you’ll be able to identify core challenges, foster the collective genius of your team, and create solutions that expand the realm of possibility. Coaching engagements can be in 1-on-1 or group formats.



Too many times leaders blame their frustration or lack of impact on other people; people are short-sighted, they are resistant to change, or they fail to embrace a vision. The reality is not that other people need to change but rather the leader needs to embrace change for themselves first. 

My coaching focuses on helping visionary leaders develop the mindsets, methodologies and tools leaders need to become self aware and become their next best self.


Executive Communication

One of the most important skills for a leader to demonstrate is the ability to persuade people to take action by their communication. This coaching focuses on understanding the appropriate context, audience, and core message so that the leader can effectively deliver persuasively to inspire action.

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A new form of leader is required to lead people into the future. Rather than acting from a top-down, command-and-control fashion, a visionary leader needs to learn to be a co-creative leader who invites their teams to contribute their expertise and perspective to inspire greater ownership, engagement and innovation.



Developing healthy ways of working are critical yet elusive for most leaders. Creating a workplace that aligns both personal, professional, and business goals will create an employee experience that is congruent with its employer brand. While some may say that culture eats strategy for breakfast, I say that culture is strategy.


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