Explorations in Connecting Disconnected Ideas


How Our Future Is Informed by Five Ancient Leadership Archetypes

Lately, I have been mulling over the principle of ‘five-fold’ leadership found in Biblical writings. (Now, just because I used the “B-word”, don’t shut me out…yet.) It has become blatantly apparent to me that this concept also has powerful implications for the practice of business…

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6 Things Business Teaches Us About Evangelism

We love our champions. In any area, the champions and specialists of the world are welcomed with open arms. They bring expertise, passion, and amazing performance outcomes that no other individuals seem to net on their own. The problem with the appreciation for specialists is…

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The Dark Side of Magnetism

We all admire that person with a magnetic personality. We love to watch those TED Talks which leave our minds reeling with new ideas and inspiration. We are awed by this magnetic ability to both attract and capture the interest of a finicky audience. However, we…

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7 Key Strategies for Developing Collaborative Genius

When an organization is young, it is understandable if it’s growth is driven by the genius of its founder.  It may even be acceptable that the culture and creativity be driven by an individual person or a single perspective. However, as the organization matures, it…

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